Consonarte Editions, realized from a scrupulous fidelity to the original sources, are treated exceptionally in both content and form.

As the result of detailed and attentive work, the volumes present musical material preceded by a historical and critical Preface, based on the latest researches on the published work. The texts accompanying the editions are provided in two languages, English and Italian.

The First Catalogue 2015/2016 offers from its very first publication, an ample look onto the Italian production – vocal and instrumental, besides operatic – lesser-known.

The Second Catalogue 2017/2018 is in the works; among the composers are featured Nicola Zingarelli, Ottorino Respighi, Silvio Mix, Fiorenzo Carpi, Carlo Galante.

From the series Canto Recital:

Giovanni Battista Perucchini

Vincenzo Gabussi

Luigi Gordigiani

Alberto Mazzucato

Collection of Variations on the original theme by Paisiello

Giuseppe Martucci

Mario Pilati

Paolo Longo

From the series Piano Cantata:

Girolamo Crescentini

Saverio Mercadante

  • Virginia 1st and Critical Edition
    Cantata for Soprano and Piano - 

From the series Opera Recital: