Consonarte Editions, realized from a scrupulous fidelity to the original sources, are treated exceptionally in both content and form.

As the result of detailed and attentive work, the volumes present musical material preceded by a historical and critical Preface, based on the latest researches on the published work. The texts accompanying the editions are provided in two languages, Italian and English.

The First Catalogue 2015/2016 offers from its very first publication, an ample look onto the Italian production – vocal and instrumental, besides operatic – lesser-known.

The Second Catalogue 2017/2018 is in the works; among the composers are featured Luigi Cherubini, Nicola Zingarelli, Ottorino Respighi, Silvio Mix, Carlo Galante.

From the series Canto Recital:

Girolamo Crescentini        (Cat. No2)

Adolfo Gandino        (Cat. No2)

  • Miranda 1st and Critical Edition
    Poemetto per Canto e Pianoforte - 

Marco Enrico Bossi        (Cat. No2)

Luigi Cherubini        (Cat. No2)

Giovanni Battista Perucchini

Vincenzo Gabussi

Luigi Gordigiani

Alberto Mazzucato

Collection of Variations on the original theme by Paisiello

Giuseppe Martucci

Mario Pilati

Paolo Longo

From the series Piano Recital:

Silvio Mix        (Cat. No2)

From the series Piano Cantata:

Ottorino Respighi        (Cat. No2)

Carlo Galante        (Cat. No2)

  • Addio a Circe 1st Edition
    Cantata breve a due Voci e Pianoforte - 

Girolamo Crescentini

  • Sei Cantate Critical Edition
    per Voce sola e Fortepiano - 

Saverio Mercadante

  • Virginia 1st and Critical Edition
    Cantata per Soprano e Pianoforte - 

From the series Instrumental Cantata:

Nicola Zingarelli        (Cat. No2)

  • Ero 1st Edition
    Monologo per Soprano e Orchestra d’archi - 

From the series Opera Recital: