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The Italian Lirica da camera - Italian Art Songs, a vast – often disregarded, even forgotten – musical patrimony that constitutes a splendid legacy of Italian musical history, and one not to be overlooked. Visit our profile page to learn more.

Consonarte - Vox in Musica, a music independent publisher, dedicate all of its energies to the aim of renew appreciation for this incredibly rich musical genre: from research to concert hall, many stages are in the process to bring to international attention Italian Lirica da camera.

The meticulous work of research needs new resources: support our project with a contribution and join all patrons and supporters of Consonarte.


Our Patrons and Supporters

Anna Bonitatibus
Musician, Opera Singer
Frank Bonitatibus
Business Infrastructure Consultant, IT
Davide Verga
Musicologist, Oboist, Dramaturg, Lecturer
Paolo Longo
Composer, Orchestra conductor
Emilio Sala
Musicologist – Università degli Studi di Milano
Elisabetta Pasquini
Musicologist – The University of Bologna
Sergio Ragni
Historian, Researcher
Serena Farnocchia
Opera Singer, Soprano
Vivica Genaux
Opera Singer, Mezzo-soprano
Leonardo Cortellazzi
Opera Singer, Tenor
Akiko Kozato
Recitalist, Mezzo-soprano
Adele D’Aronzo
Musician, Pianist
Paolo Raffo
Musician, Pianist
Vincenzo Scalera
Musician, Pianist
Eva Bonitatibus
Journalist, Promoter
Fortunato Picerno
Lawyer, Poet
Eva e Ennio Basile
Typographers, Ingraf