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The Music of Semiramide – Rental


The Music of Semiramide 
Symphonies and Arias from 18th & 19th centuries
for Soprano and Mezzo-soprano, Orchestra 
Composers: Händel, Porpora, Paisiello, Rossini 
Libretti: Zeno, Metastasio, Rossi
Critical revision Alessandro Monga & Davide Verga
Orchestral Full Scores and Short Scores for rental

This is the first modern edition (and largely first edition in absolute) of Symphonies and Arias from Operas of the 18th and 19th centuries dedicated to the fascinating personality of Semiramide; the present editions are accompanying, in this rediscovering activity, the recording of Semiramide. La Signora regale (©2014 DHM-Sony), winner of The International Opera Award 2015.
     Besides giving birth to an exciting musical journey on the traces of historical and human personality of the first Queen of the Orient, this collection is of a significant importance from a musicological point of view. In fact the publication of the scene from La morte di Semiramide – attributed to Sebastiano Nasolini and sung by Isabella Colbran in Naples in August 1815 – in which are contained large sections composed by Gioachino Rossini completely unknown before the mentioned recording Semiramide. La Signora regale (2014), is testifying de facto – albeit in disguise – Gioachino Rossini’s debut in Naples in an antecedent date compared to the one always believed. 
     Within the copious and particularly beautiful musical pages proposed (that consent also to bring to light composers today unjustly forgotten as Bernasconi, Bertoni or Borghi and, at the same time, to discover jewels less known by celebrated Porpora, Caldara, Händel, Jommelli and Paisiello), are indicated the intense cavatina «Son infelice, son sventurata», that has been discovered to have been written by Girolamo Crescentini, as well as «Al mio pregar t’arrendi» from Semiramis by Manuel García (Ciudad de México, 1828), “saved” from a state of serious deterioration that has made almost illegible the autograph manuscript. 

Full Orchestra scores as well as Parties Scores of each piece are available for rental.

Index of Full Orchestra Scores and Parties Scores available.

    Vanne fido, e al mesto regno
  • Antonio Caldara SEMIRAMIDE IN ASCALONA (1725)
    Introduzione Allegro assai, Andante, Stil di Minuet-Allegro
  • Antonio Caldara SEMIRAMIDE IN ASCALONA (1725)
    Povera navicella
  • Georg Friedrich Händel - Leonardo Vinci SEMIRAMIDE RICONOSCIUTA [pasticcio] (1733)
    Fuggi dagl'occhi miei
  • Niccolò Jommelli SEMIRAMIDE RICONOSCIUTA (1742)
    Barbaro, non dolerti ... Tradita, sprezzata
  • Niccolò Jommelli IL CACCIATOR DELUSO (Semiramide in Bernesco) (1767)
    Non so se più t'accendi
  • Andrea Bernasconi SEMIRAMIDE (1765)
    Ah, non è vano il pianto
  • Tommaso Traetta SEMIRAMIDE (1765)
    Il pastor se torna aprile
  • Ferdinando Bertoni SEMIRAMIDE RICONOSCIUTA (1767)
    Non so se più t'accendi
  • Giovanni Paisiello LA SEMIRAMIDE IN VILLA (1772)
    Serbo in seno il cor piagato
  • Francesco Bianchi LA VENDETTA DI NINO (1790)
    Sinfonia Largo, Allegro agitato
  • Giovanni Battista Borghi LA MORTE DI SEMIRAMIDE (1791)
    Figlio diletto e caro
  • Sebastiano Nasolini/ Anonimo / Girolamo Crescentini LA MORTE DI SEMIRAMIDE (1815)
    Fuggi, togli quel volto ... Son infelice, son sventurata
  • Sebastiano Nasolini / Marcos A. Portugal / Gioachino Rossini LA MORTE DI SEMIRAMIDE (1815)
    Fermati! Il ciel minaccia!...Sconsigliata che fo...Qual pallor? Qual tema? Ardire! 
  • Charles-Simon Catel SÉMIRAMIS (1802)
    Danse N° 1
    Danse N° 2
  • Gioachino Rossini SEMIRAMIDE (1823)
    Serena i vaghi rai...Bel raggio lusinghier
  • Manuel García SEMIRAMIS (1828)
    Già il perfido discese...Al mio pregar t'arrendi

  • For female voices
  • Vocal extension: A2 - C5
  • Orchestration: Various

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