Retail Account Creation and Use

Consonarte – Vox in musica (OnLine) provides basic Retail/Wholesale account services. What follows is a brief synopsis on our current Retail account creation and use.

Creating a Retail Account is Quick and Easy

Retail account creation initiates using the same method as Client account creation by Registering on Consonarte – OnLine on the Account Creation Page.

  1. Add your name and email address
  2. Add your EU TAX code
  3. Click on Register button and wait for your account confirmation email to arrive
  4. Click on Confirmation button within your confirmation email

Once basic registration is complete, either send us a note using Contacts Page or send an email to Information at Consonarte OnLine. Please provide within your message relevant information to support your Retail Account application. This information is required in order to validate your account.

While waiting for your Retail account to be approved, it is suggested to login and update your account information by adding Billing and Shipping addresses on the Address Book page. It is also suggested subscribing to Consonarte – Vox in Musica's Newsletter to keep apprised of new publications.

Once your Retail account has been approved, you will receive a notification e-mail from Consonarte confirming activation of your Retail account. From this point onward, while logged into your Retailer account, each item will display automatically with prices exclusive to Retailers, furthermore, each item will display discounted quantity pricing where applicable.

Creating an Order

For Orders Under £100

Use the standard Shopping Cart method of order entry and payment. Consonarte cannot provide credit for orders under £100.

For Orders Over £100

There are two methods for preparing an order.

  1. Send an email to Orders – Consonarte OnLine with your order details and we will create a purchase order on your behalf.
  2. The preferable method is to use the standard Shopping Cart for choosing your items and quantities. When you are satisfied with your Shopping Cart's content, notify Consonarte at Orders – Consonarte OnLine and Consonarte will generate an order from your Shopping Cart's content. This method is preferred since it leaves the Retailer in control of items, their quantities and eliminates transcription errors. An Order Confirmation email will be sent to the Retailer for approval so that Consonarte may proceed.

Delivery Methods

For International and Continental Europe orders, only Tracked or Signed Tracked delivery types will be accepted.


Payment Methods

Consonarte accepts most major payment types including Amazon Pay and PayPal as well as bank transfers for orders over £100.


All payments are to be made using the base currency of British Pound (GBP). Although Consonarte provides prices in Euro (EUR), they are provided only as a convenience and do not reflect final foreign exchange rate your financial institution will charge at the time of payment processing. All prices in Euros are for guideline purposes and do not represent the actual amount of transaction.

Final Notes

Consonarte is currently undergoing changes to facilitate the creation of a site dedicated to Retailers/Wholesalers, Distributors, and Institutional buyers. This site will provide full automation and will better be able to serve your needs. However, until such time as this website is operational, Retailer clients will adhere to the policy and methods described on this page.

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