Consonarte – Inauguration 2016.11
Photo by Edward Steichen

Join us on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 18:00 in Fazioli’s Showroom
Via Conservatorio 17, Milan, Italy

Consonarte – Vox in Musica, a new publishing enterprise, seeks to renew appreciation for the Italian vocal chamber repertoire: a vast – often disregarded, even forgotten – musical patrimony that constitutes a splendid legacy of Italian musical history, and one not to be overlooked. Entire cycles of Arias, Romanze, Melodies, Nocturnes, Ballads, Elegies, Madrigals, Short Poems for voice and pianoforte, as well as Cantatas (with pianoforte or small groups of instruments) are almost completely unknown to today’s performers: Consonarte aims to give them a new editorial dressing, which highlights their great value and encourages their rightful return to concert halls.

Event Programme

Presentation by Davide Verga, project consultant and contributor

Performance of selected Art Songs from Consonarte’s Catalogue No 1 2015/2016: distinguished artists will interpret pages of, among others, Giovanni Battista Perucchini, Vincenzo Gabussi, Luigi Gordigiani, Alberto Mazzucato, Giuseppe Martucci.

In-depth discourses by Paolo Longo, Emilio Sala e Carlida Steffan, curators of Consonarte’s Editions

Also in attendance, Councilman Filippo Del Corno, Chairman of the Council of Culture for the city of Milan

(in alphabetical order)
Anna Bonitatibus
Leonardo Cortellazzi
Serena Farnocchia
Vivica Genaux
Akiko Kozato

Adele D’Aronzo
Paolo Raffo
Vincenzo Scalera

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