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Consonarte Editions, realized from a scrupulous fidelity to the original sources, are treated exceptionally in both content and form.

As the result of detailed and attentive work, the volumes present musical material preceded by a historical and critical Preface, based on the latest researches on the published work. The texts accompanying the editions are provided in two languages, Italian and English.

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  1. Mix C804PR Cover Small
    Silvio Mix – Musica per Pianoforte

    Silvio Mix
    Musica per Pianoforte 
    1st Edition
    Critical Revision Paolo Longo 

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  2. Cherubini C807 Cover Small
    Luigi Cherubini – Romances du Roman d'Estelle

    Luigi Cherubini 
    Romances du Roman  d’Estelle
    per una / due Voci e Pianoforte o Arpa 
    Poetry Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian
    Critical Edition Elisabetta Pasquini 

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  3. Gandino C806 Cover Small
    Adolfo Gandino – Miranda, Poemetto in sei liriche per Canto e Piano

    Adolfo Gandino
    in sei Liriche
    per Canto e Piano  
    Poetry Antonio Fogazzaro
    1st Edition
    Critical Revision  Giovanni Salis

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  4. Crescentini C808 Cover Small
    Girolamo Crescentini – Diciotto Ariette per Voce sola e Fortepiano

    Girolamo Crescentini
    Diciotto Ariette per Voce sola e Fortepiano 
    Poetry Pietro Metastasio
    Critical Revision Andrea Malnati 
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