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Consonarte Editions, realized from a scrupulous fidelity to the original sources, are treated exceptionally in both content and form.

As the result of detailed and attentive work, the volumes present musical material preceded by a historical and critical Preface, based on the latest researches on the published work. The texts accompanying the editions are provided in two languages, Italian and English.

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  1. Pilati C703 Cover Small
    Mario Pilati – Due Madrigali del Guarini

    Mario Pilati
    Due Madrigali del Guarini 
    for Voice and Piano
    Poetry Battista Guarini
    Critical revision Paolo Longo

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  2. Luigi Gordigiani – Quattro romanze
    Luigi Gordigiani – Quattro romanze
    100% of 100

    Luigi Gordigiani
    Quattro romanze for Soprano and Pianoforte
    Poetry Giovanni Battista Giorgini, Niccolò Tommaseo
    Critical revision Giovanni Salis
    Score editing Alessandro Monga

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  3. Semiramide AB234CP Cover Small
    The Music of Semiramide

    The Music of Semiramide 
    Arias from 18th & 19th centuries
    for Soprano and Mezzo-soprano 
    Composers: Händel, Porpora, Rossini, Meyerbeer
    Poetry: Zeno, Metastasio, Rossi
    Critical revision by Alessandro Monga & Davide Verga 
    Reductions for Voice and Piano Giulia Lorusso

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  4. Perucchini C700 Cover Small
    Giovanni Battista Perucchini – Ventiquattro Ariette

    Giovanni Battista Perucchini
    Ventiquattro Ariette for Voice and Piano
    Poetry Jacopo Vittorelli, Francesco Saverio de Rogatis, 
    Aurelio Bertola de’ Giorgi, Aglaja Anassillide
    Critical revision Carlida Steffan
    Score editing Alessandro Monga

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